Purchase Rehab

Rehab Only

Equity Lending

Buy and Hold
Lender Fee
starting at 5%

min fee may applies under 50k
starting at 5%

min fee may applies under 50k
starting at 6%
starting at 5%
Interest Rate
interest only payments
interest only payments
interest only payments
interest only payments
Down Payment
Starting at 15%

average - determined by risk

for free and clear homes
Purchase - 35%

Refi / Cash Out - 0%
Purchase - 30%
6-12 month term
6-12 month term
Up to 18 months
Up to 5 years
Up to 65% ARV / LTV
No minimum credit score
Light Doc
Residential Investment
Up to 65% ARV / LTV
No minimum credit score
Light doc
Residential Investment
Up to 60% LTV
No Doc Loan
Residential Investment
Commercial Property
Up to 70% LTV
No minimum credit score
Full Doc
Residential Investment
Lending Highlights:

Property Type:  SFR, Condo, Townhome,  Up to 4 units
commercial property case by case

Lending Area: Georgia -    nationwide requests click here

Lien Position: 1st mortgage only

Loan Size: up to 1 million

Closing time: As fast as 5 days!
Purchase Rehab Loan & Rehab Only Loan

Credit:  We are looking at credit to see your ability to repay our loan. Our primary
focus is equity and your ability to repay our loan No minimum score does not mean
it will not effect your loan offer.

ARV:  Stands for After Repair Value, this can change based on the risk of our
transaction. Key factors are repayment ability, property location, experience.

Term: Most purchase rehab loans are 6 month term with an option to renew
assuming you have paid in a timely manner. There is no guaranteed extension.

Documents: We require a light or stated doc type on this program. As mentioned
previously we want to confirm you have repayment ability.
Equity Lending Program

This is your more traditional "No Doc" Hard Money program. No income or credit
check required. Residential Investment or Commercial Property OK!

LTV:  Loan to value will be determined by a lender site inspection. Appraisals are
not required on most equity based loans.

Term: Up to 18 months, term is negotiable on this program.

Loan requests for states other than Georgia - Click here

Program Notes:

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Buy and Hold Program

This program is closer to a full doc loan, we are most concerned with equity and
repayment ability. No rehab is allowed on this program.

LTV:  Up to 70% to be determined by appraisal and lender site visit.

Term: 3-5 year term

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